Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! Plus custom ceramic mugs

Let us welcome the New Year! By posting our holiday crafts! Hah!

This year for christmas I was broke. But I'm clever so I decided to customize some ceramic mugs for my friends. I bought several ceramic mugs at the thrift store for $.99 each and then purchased one of those ceramic paint pens that you draw with and then bake it in your oven to make it dishwasher safe. The paint pen was the most expensive part, it ran me about $4 at Michaels and they come in tons of colors. I thought the paint pen would be easier than just the regular ceramic paint and it was. The only thing is that the paint sets up quickly so if you want a smooth surface to your paint then work on one area at a time. Also, the paint clogged up the pen tip several times, but cleaning it off wasn't a big deal.

The green mug has tentacles circling the entire upper rim of the mug. The blue one has "harlot" in fancy script. The small white teacup has "RELOADING!" and zombie hands and splatter on it (ode to L4D). No stencils were used.

This was easy and fun. I have already doodled on a few more thrifted ceramic mugs and might sell a few, might give away a few.


Pam said...
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Pam said...

Saw these on Craftster today and love them. With Halloween around the corner, I wonder if I could post your pictures to my blog along with whatever links you want? My blog is at

You can reply with a comment here or over there. I'll keep an eye on both spots. Thanks!
-Pam Hawk
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Amir Kafai said...

These are great, I have just started a pottery class in a local centre we are not making thinks a good as this yet but im starting to get the hand of making ceramic mugs