Monday, July 20, 2009

More charms and uncreative titles.

It's been a long time, I know. But I'd quickly like to share some small things I've been up to. I'm tired so this will be short and quick.

These are some smudge sticks that just finished drying. They are made with Sage and Lavender and tied with purple cotton cord. The Lavender is from my own garden and I was nearly bitten by a large spider while harvesting some. I think it's Arachne telling me to keep up with my crafting!

Below are several more charms I've made similar to the one in my previous post. All of these are made with a mixture of bought and found, vintage and new beads and findings.

This one focuses on the Water element, being made with silver chain and several shell beads and freshwater pearls. The other beads are glass and amethyst stone chips and silver toned dangles to catch the light.

This one focuses on the Fire or Sun element and channeling masculine energy. It has amber colored glass, Red Jasper stone chips, and a mixture of brass and gold metals.

This one is my favorite and represents Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. The upper part is a wheat design with spring colored glass teardrop shaped beads, while the lower part represents the time during the year that Persephone spends in the Underworld with Hades. The red glass beads are shaped like Pomegranate seeds and I thought it appropriate to add them.


Danni said...

These are beautiful! I love all of the minute detail that you put into your charms as well as your descriptions of them.

The Persephone one is particularly fetching.

I had a spider in my shoe the other morning. I put my foot in and thought there was a rock in my shoe, but no. It was a big black spider trying to bite through my sock! I don't think it was trying to tell me anything special, it was just angry that I had disturbed it. ;)

Nichola said...

Lovely! My most favourite of all is the Persephone one as well. So stunning!