Thursday, January 07, 2010

Etsy Shop Open!

So I finally opened the Etsy shop! It will only have a few things in it at first but my stock will slowly grow as time passes. The first few things to go in there will be some Smudge Sticks and a Dragon's Blood Oil, as well as the Tambourine Evil Eye bag I showed the other day. Most of the items should be listed by tonight, if not tomorrow. Swing by and check it out! I'd love to know what everyone thinks.

Anathemum on Etsy


Jenna Gayle said...

Congratufreakinlations!!! I know you've been wanting to do this for some time now! I wish you all the best and much green! Anh yes, we should burn much sage! :)

PS... that bag is gorgeous!!

A.R.Spencer said...

Thank you very much, lady!

Danni said...

Congratulations, love. Your shop looks great! :)

A.R.Spencer said...

Thank you miss! Good to hear from you as always :)