Monday, April 05, 2010

Black Candles

Bayou Black Spell Candle Pair for Hexing and Banishing, and a listing for Your Custom Spell Candle Pair! Details and additional products at Anathemum

I received a Sunshine Award from Danni over at The Whimsical Cottage! Thank you, Danni. You've always been stellar. I have a feeling that if we met in real life we would probably hit it off splendidly.

~Here are the Sunshine Award Guidelines~

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4) Name 6 things that no one would really know, about yourself.

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As far as the 6 things about me go...
1)I have a thing about collecting. Joey calls it a "problem" but I call it a solution! Sort of. I collect many things including frog figures(been doing it since I was probably 9 years old), mice/rat figures(I've had many rats and mice as pets, they are great), owl things(my amazing Mom buys Owl figures for me and she is the single source of all my owl jewelry, I have some wicked cool pieces!), antique tins and metal boxes, skeleton keys, evil eye stuff, real insects (I find them dead on the ground), feathers, shells, plus plenty of curios I use in my rootwork.

2)I'm ridiculous about fashion. I wear dresses or skirts and heels every day and probably only own 2 pairs of pants, one of them is solely for work. I refuse to pay more than $50 for any one item which leaves me to vintage shopping, or raiding closets. I don't think people need an excuse to dress up, they just should! I go wild harvesting and into graveyards in 3.5 inch heels! It sounds daft but fashion is an extension of our psyches and mine is colorful and fun and creative. I have lots of vintage clothes and accessories and my style has 1930's, and 1940's-50's, Gothic, mystic shamanism, gypsy queen, and Victorian circus influences. Joey got me the Salem Cloak by Black Market Baby for Xmas and it's great! I also name certain dresses or outfits. I also wear vintage fur. I'm a fashion dork.

3) I had plans to hopefully get my Art degree in Craft and Materials Studies with a focus on Fiber and move to New York to work for the Jim Henson Creature Shop, but I think I want to be a Cultural Anthropologist instead. Working in the art field for income all but killed my creativity and made me hate art so I had to make a change.

4) I go through reading phases. Sometimes I'll crush 3 books a week, sometimes I wont read for 2 months. This does not include reference books which I'm constantly poking my nose in and out of.

5) My hair grows incredibly slowly. It's also been every color of the rainbow when I was younger. It's now just natural brown and long. I also cut it myself.

6)My musical taste is varied. The most "Pagany" music I listen to is Type O Negative's October Rust album. I listen to metal, 90's grunge, vaudville and swing, blues, doo-wop, and classic rock.

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Danni said...

I think we'd hit it off as well, given our similar musical tastes as well as the fact that you're awesome.

I'm worried you'd try to stick me in a dress though. I've always been a jean and t-shirt girl, however, I do have a terrible weakness for peasant skirts and heeled boots. ;)

A.R.Spencer said...

My dear I'd never try and put a dress on you if you didn't want it! I imagine it'd be like trying to put socks on a cat, slightly painful and such a struggle it wouldn't be worth the effort ;)

I LOVE heeled boots. I used to have a knee high pair and I wore them endlessly... until the zipper broke :(