Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flow and the Giveaway.

As an artist first and a Witch second the ebbs and flows of my "muses" wane and sway with the calling of the deities and spirits. Lately I've been nothing but output; creating every spare moment I get. The cooling of the Earth and harvest does this to me and I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment. Sometimes I have a drought, usually in the summer. My spirits are quiet and nothing gets done and I wallow in my brains silence. I welcome the deluge of inspiration come the cooler months.

My altar space is currently full of experiments and successes. Chalks, brews, salts, tinctures, oils, amulets, teas. Medicinal and magical. Here are a few of the things you might have already seen, I have many more things headed your way.

Mystic Eye Bag

Hickory Snake Nut Amulet

Corvus Ritual Mask (sold)

Barn Owl Ritual Mask (sold)

Indigo Sigil Chalk

Hamsa Tarot Pouch

To celebrate my 100th sale in my shop and to say thanks for all the wonderful comments and kindness I've got another little giveaway for you.

The Acorn Amulet. To give honor to Dryads, Cernunnos, Pan, The Green Man, Artemis, or a Druidic Path. Holds aspects of fertility and protection. Strung with black leather cord in two widths. Measures about 12 inches long.

To enter, please leave a comment in this post. The winner will be picked on Tuesday September 21st at 5pm est. Reblogging or posting about this gets extra entries. Enjoy!


Katy said...

How beautiful :3

Zombie Queen said...

Everything is so beautiful. You are truly talented :)

Nichola said...

That mystic eye bag is amazing! So very lovely.

Ayala Levinger said...

What a great beading of the Mystic Eye Bag!
and the Acorn Amulet would be the perfect gift for the first day of autumn (and my birthday:-))

Morgaine Pendragon said...

Beautiful items you have here. Love the Mystic Eye Bag!

TickleTeckla said...

Everything is amazing!! I love your etsy shop too :D

stacy said...

What a gorgeous acorn amulet!! I've never seen an acorn like that - I'm a Californian gal and don't get such lovely treasures here.

Got my order today of van van oil and spirit necklace. I LOVE THEM. thank you!!

Danni said...

I have to say, dear heart, you've got the best hair around. ;)

A.R.Spencer said...

Danni you are such a love! It's waist length and completely crazy. Most days I want to hack it off and I lose hair pins in it all the time.