Saturday, December 06, 2008

Holly King scarf

So here is my finished scarf. Worked on it maniacally while watching movies at the boyfriend's house a few days ago. I call it the Holly King scarf because of the colors and the season. I used 2 worsted weight yarns, Lambs Pride (85% wool 15% mohair) in Aubergene and some Peruvian brand called Chaco (100% Virgin wool) that I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival several years ago. This scarf is soft and squishy and feels great. What do you think? (ignore hair and face please, it's been a long day)

It feels good to have finally finished something while all these half finished projects lay in pieces around me. My room is a disaster because of all the craft supplies. I could make a nest with them. I have been trying to put away and organize things as I go, but it's been tough with all the different projects I've been working on. Yesterday I managed to fold a bunch of fabric and organize it by color, hang up clothes and sort out all the dresses and skirts I need to hem and alter once my machine gets out of the shop (hopefully by next Thursday), and organize some beads and ephemera. I still need to go and buy more of those plastic bead cases and some boxes for scrapbook papers but my car is also in the shop until at least next week. So I'm stranded at home with my crafts. They're holding me hostage. Save meee!!!

Last week I also took a quick sewing gig making a few children's capes for a local dinner theater's winter production of A Christmas Carol. One of my friends is an actor and they had a costumer quit suddenly on them so he called and asked if I'd break out the sewing machine. I had to use my backup which I nearly ended up destroying out of anger. They also gave me a pattern with missing pieces so I had to improvise. It didn't earn me anywhere near the amount I expected, but it was money none the less. It will at least pay for shipping for my holiday stuff.

Once I finish all these projects I might start gearing up to do some more swapping and maybe an Etsy shop?? I know, I'm dreaming, but it would be nice since I have so many supplies already. The better question would be is it worth it or would people buy my stuff. I can't wait to show you some of the stuff I've been making but I don't want to ruin any surprises for my swap partner :). I've been getting into collage stuff lately which is super fun. Ya know, shrines and all that. It's a hoot.

Okay, enough talking, back to the grind.

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