Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Altoid Tin Travel Sewing Kit

This was a quick project. I originally had one of those tiiiiny travel sewing kits that they gave out at hotels a skillion years ago along with tiny soaps and single serve cotton balls. So using some scrapbook paper I had lying around I decided to jump on the Altoid tin bandwagon and make myself a swankier travel sewing kit that wouldn't take up too much room. I actually already carried an Altoid tin in my purse but it just held band-aids instead of anything useful.
I attached a piece of felt to the top to hold the needles and maybe the safety pins if I feel really organized. There's still a few band-aids in there, some buttons, a spare bobbin with a bunch of black thread on it, a small set of travel scissors, and the tiny file that came with the original sewing kit. Figured it might come in handy. The insides are also lined with some random black scrap cotton to reduce the clonking around sound as much as possible. I found another tin lying around from a pack of Camel Izmir Stingers from when I had money and decided I'd spend the $4.35-ish a pack cause they tasted slightly sweet. But anyway, all the fancy Camel cigarettes came in these metal tins that are more square in shape than the Altoid tins, but equally as reconstructable.
I'll figure out a crafty use for the Camel tin eventually.

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