Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fairy Doors

These projects are old but I thought they still required some face time. They are both fairy doors which create a small portal to the fairy world.

The first fairy door is the entrance to a potion shop. Most of the materials were scavenged from the back yard. The door is made from carved popsicle sticks that have been stained and the "nails" in the door are straight pins used for sewing that I actually hammered into the popsicle sticks so other than adding charm. The stones are not tiny pebbles but small pieces of Frankincense resin. The moss upon the twigs and roof is Mugwort, cut and sifted so it no longer resembles itself. The portico shingles are made from the individual pine cone... barbs? Not sure exactly what to call them. But they are difficult to remove off the cone. Gotta wiggle them back and forth a lot. The tiny broom is a twig and raffia bound by copper wire. The "Potions and Brews" sign is made from popsicle sticks that have been painted. The little hanging cauldron next to the "Potions and Brews" sign is a plum colored glass bead wrapped with copper wire. The lantern to the right of the door is a wooden bead that I hand painted, a black and blue pearlized vintage button, and black wire. The door handle, made from copper wire, is functional yet the door is not. Well, at least not for someone of my size.

The second is a small fairy pirate door. The door is a carved piece of balsa wood. It has been stained. The "glass" in the porthole window is a piece of plastic that was colored with a yellow permanent marker. The wire around the window is held in by straight pin "nails". Door handle is a green branch that was allowed to dry in a curved shape. Hemp twine is around the handle. The rocks around the door are pieces of blue sea glass. On the rocks are "barnacles" which are glass beads. The ones with their heads poking out are filled with hot glue and then painted. The sail portico is from a cardboard toilet paper roll, as well as the sign. The chandelier has a seashell and real candles on it. I hand dipped them with hemp twine as the wick using a ton of scrap wax I have lying around.


Unknown said...

Love ur fairy doors! xx

JB1 said...

I think the fairies in your hood are very happy with their fabulous doors, I'm inspired and will be making some for the fairies who (as far as I know) are a bit lacking in the doorway department. Really love your fairy doors- they make me smile, inside and out! Thank you

Unknown said...

Absolutely awesome. I make forest fairies out of all natural materials. Email and I'll send u pics. Thanks Patriche.