Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Herbs and honey

So I didn't have the fortitude to work on any art projects for school since most of them are very large and expend lots of energy and I'm still sick so I tried an experiment instead. I've grown tired of most of the incense I have since a lot of it smells like crap. Also I have a lot of the stick incense and the burning of the stick adds a strange undertone to a lot of the otherwise pleasant smells. Being currently congested I can't really smell much, so I picked some of the strongest smelling herbs and resins I had lying around and ground them up using my mortar and pestle. I chose Frankincense, Anise, Rosemary, and some Red Sandalwood. Normally at that point I would throw the lose herbs in a small resealable plastic bag, but I decided to put my creative hat on. I stirred them up with a few tablespoons of honey from my grandfather's bees and then smooshed them into little pellets.
Now the theory is that if I leave them sit on their wax paper for a little while, the honey should harden a bit which would make the pellets more convenient than burning loose incense. Or they could burn the same way cones do. Either way I'm excited.

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