Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Fairy Projects.

I've been struggling with a new job and school and have really had to discipline myself to finish the projects I've undertaken. This is one of the little projects I've done which will be sent to my partner in one of my most recent swaps over at Craftster.

Fairy Magic Trinket Bag

This one was really ambitious for me but probably the most fun so far. I actually traveled with this little project, taking it to the boyfriend's house and back since I really wanted to work on it as often as I could. I broke away from the typical square shape I usually use and started experimenting with different shapes through knitting. After drawing it all out and planning the shapes and designs, I knitted the front piece first using a mossy green wool. I then cut the rest of the bag from chocolate colored corduroy salvaged from some pants I thrifted. This is when I began the hand beading, letting the muses guide my design and color choices. Since my partner is really into fairies I wanted the colors and designs to emulate dancing fairies, laughter, and nature. After finishing the beading, I lined the bag with green felt and stitched it all together using a pea green embroidery floss.

I will be accepting commissions for these shortly if desired. I'd love to know what you think!