Monday, December 17, 2012


I've been struggling with how to write this article because it's very personal and very difficult.

It is tough at times being a spiritual shop owner and creator. You give a lot of yourself to the craft, not that you don't get it back, but you do give a lot of your time and your energy to it. It is enjoyable work to know that you're helping someone. Small business owners never take the time off that they need. Every day is an office day in one way or another; supply runs, networking, product photography, listings, packaging, post office runs, etc. I don't know what a vacation is. Even when I'm away from home I'm still wild harvesting, relisting, answering emails. The hard work is absolutely worth it because you reap what you sow. The harvest is always bountiful when you work your fingers to the bone. Even though I've had a recent bout of very nasty customers I still work hard. But I feel I need to change direction.

I am sick. My family is sick. My mother was very recently diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma specifically, and is currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. My father in law has end stage liver failure. I have postpartum depression, which pales in comparison but affects me still. I saw it coming but could do nothing to stop the deluge and have no avenue for the treatment I need.

My family needs my energy, my time, my soul, my heart. I do not have enough energy or time to give to everyone and everything, though I wish I did. My son needs me, and I give him nearly everything I have everyday, and so does my husband. I need myself. I need my own time, time to do things for me. Time to take true action. This is the change of direction I'm taking.

It is at this time, this darkening of the sky and sleeping of the world that I have decided to close my shop for an undetermined amount of time, perhaps permanently. At some point soon I might reopen to work through the supplies and perishables I have but there's no guarantee that I'll do that. I feel as though I don't have enough positive energy with which to imbue my products with so I'd rather create nothing at all then create a poor item. You cannot be a spiritual worker and not feel that a part of you doesn't go into every product you touch. Perhaps my situation will change, perhaps it won't. This is not to say I will never create again. I will always create for me, for my craft, for my family and friends. It's saying I'm currently unable to create under a mass scale. For now.

With this change in focus comes a new wave. I am focused now more than ever on finishing my degree and working on my children's books. It's what I've always wanted, yet strayed from so many times. Ask my preschool teacher, she'll tell you. I've always wanted to be an illustrator. My ultimate goal is to earn my MFA in Illustration and write some damn books. So I hope I can do it. Progress is slow, with little money for school and only a little time away from my baby. But I'll get there.

I'd like to thank those who've been supportive of my shop, the blessings you've bestowed upon me, and the praises you've sung. Thank you thank you thank you. I'll be seeing you soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mountain Dream Tarot for Sale on Ebay

Just a quick hello to everyone (hi!) and I wanted to point you in the direction of my Ebay auction for the Mountain Dream Tarot Deck. I don't really use it and I think it would better serve someone else. It's the 2001 reprint of the deck and has been digitally remastered from the original 1975 printing. There are only 1000 printed and is currently out of print everywhere I've looked! Would make a great Yule gift.
If you're the winning bidder and a follower/customer of mine let me know and I'll throw in some goodies. Happy bidding!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mountains

So my annual mountain trip has come and gone. I yearn for those cresting blue giants again. Such beauty only two hours away. I keep begging my husband to move there, I'd never tire of that view. The Earth, Sea, and Sky older than time and bestowing their breathtaking grandness upon my eyes each and every day.

This year's trip was different, marked by the addition of my little boy in all his perfectness. He adores being outside, the movement of trees and all the sounds of nature. He hates to be sticky though and I completely agree. Most of our trip was plagued with warm rainfall and muggy grey skies. The sun came out only when we were leaving and I was able to take these great photos.

One of the most enjoyable moments for me was the long walk I took with my husband and boy. The cabin we stay at is on the river in the town of Elkton, VA. It's such a small little blip on the map, mostly local business, residences, and many many farms. We walked from our cabin by the river up to the main road, passing lots of farms and plenty of things for me to forage and collect. It rained most of our trip, my husband and boy staying dry under the safety of a large golf umbrella, myself dripping and damp from standing in the rain with my Audubon wildflower identification guide.

I managed to find Chicory and Datura, another poison for Hekate. There was a Mullein but there was only one and I didn't want to take all it was so I left it.

Here are the giant Datura plants within the rusty fencing of a field of beans, they were as tall as I. As always, proper petitions and offerings were left to the spirit of the plant. The thorn apples taken from these were the size of walnuts! I plan on offering a limited amount to my customers since this another one of those "hard to come by unless you grow or wild harvest this yourself" plants but in a very limited quantity.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Domesticated Witch, or how to not scare off your husband's work friends

Recently our little lives here have made many changes. My husband was transferred to a store which is a mile from our home and we had a baby. He rides his motorcycle every day to and from work and we spend nearly zero money on gas and it's great. He's been at this new store since May and has made friend with lots of people and they've been inviting us to all kinds of parties and things. The best part? They've all got kids, something we really lack in our social circle.

I think it's important to hang out with other couples with kids, it makes you feel a little more normal. I'm not saying having single friends isn't important, because it is. It's just your single friends don't want to hear about all the stuff your kid does because there's a big chance they don't find it nearly as interesting or amazing as you do. At least people with kids get it and it gives them a chance to talk about their kids, which I've found is something that people with kids like to do. Everywhere you go it's "Oh lemme show you pictures of my kids!" Random people at the pediatrician's office say "Oh your son is soooo cute wanna see pictures of my granddaughter?" I was wandering in the hospital with my son and my mom (she's a nurse, I was visiting her at work) and I saw my OB GYN in the hallway who delivered my son and even she was like "OMG your son is so precious I remember him when he was purple and covered in cheese and had just fell out of you and here's 200 pictures of my kids on my iPhone the grow like weeds time flies enjoy it yadda yadda."

All this being said, now that we're hanging out with these new people they will inevitably ask what I do. Well I'm a stay at home mom and artist. Oh, what do I make? Well I'm writing a children's book and I'm a professional witch.... hey, where are you going?

I'm really ambivalent about telling people I'm a witch. Usually it goes two way; one, they are turned off and don't ask anything else and that's fine as long as they don't start treating me like a leper. I've gotten used to that, it comes with the territory, it doesn't bother me anymore. Two, they ask if I can make someone fall in love with them. Like that's all I do is match two unwilling partners in eternal bondage with glitter and bad perfume (I don't do that btw. Doing spell work for others just isn't my thing. I just make the tools with the intent, I leave you to light the candles.) When I was a bartender all the little hostess girls found out I was a witch and they clamored at the bar begging me to make this boy or that boy fall in love with them. You seem so fake when you tell them no, like the witch thing is just a front. But honestly, this professional witch gig tends to make you wise to things and it's just better that way, the way of no glitter and no bad perfume. Or they get grossed out when you tell them that they've got to collect toe or fingernails and the glamor fades and they soon forget about it. I go back to being just weird and I have my solace again.

I do other stuff ya know, and this is the part where I begin to tell them all about what I do and how I do it. I don't bother educating those who don't seem interested because no matter how I talk about it they don't seem to care anyway so I do my best to educate those who seem open. You can't teach the unwilling, trust me I've tried. I try not to get into *deep* detail because I usually lose them when I start going on about how the rabbits help me read cards and sometimes I am the fox mother and sometimes I make things for a Hellenic psychopomp goddess because I like giving her gifts. I just tell them about the domestic folk magic stuff, like how I clean and protect my house and the food I make is filled with good magic. They usually like that part, the domestic witchcraft part, and it doesn't always end awkwardly when I show them a business card.

So to tell, or not tell? I'm not in the "broom closet" by any means. Everyone I call friend or family knows I'm a witch and if they don't approve then they keep it to themselves and I'm just fine with that. But now it's not just my husband and I to think about, it's my son too. Like wtf would the PTA think about me actually celebrating Halloween because it's a holiday and a sabbat instead of my kid not dressing up for school and just taking my kid to church at 3pm to get some candy. AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HALLOWEEN, GUYS? Like all of a sudden the world got too scary for our kids so they go "trick-o-treating" at church or during daylight where they're given toothbrushes and raisins because at night is when the apples with razor blades and pedophiles come out? Ugh. Gimme a damn break.

I'll continue to chronicle this for those interested and I hope I won't have to go all Bengal tiger on anyone's ass for judging my baby. Ultimately I have to hope that the people I tell will continue to treat us the same, or as my husband and I agree, they aren't worth knowing anyway.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


In honor of acheiving 200 "likes" of my Facebook page, and because I really like giveaways, I'm hosting another one! Here's the prize:

One 1/2 oz bottle of a new oil, my Ancestor Oil, an Iron Nail Protection Charm in autumn colors, and a Spirit Key Necklace. In addition to these wonderful items you will also receive a coupon code for 30% off in my shop!

Since Samhain is nearly upon us I decided to give items connected to the spirit season. The charm and oil are items I carry in my shop but the Spirit Key necklace is something I've done many renditions of in the past. This time it's a rusted vintage key beneath a datewood skull and tied with red wool and vintage glass beads. Red is the color of blood, our lifeforce, and is used to invigorate and enliven the souls of our ancestors and faithful departed.

To participate, please go comment on my Facebook post! If you share the post you'll get entered twice! Good luck, I'll pick a winner on Friday August 24th! Blessings!

Monday, August 13, 2012


A personal charm, yellow deerskin leather stuffed with corresponding herbs and oils and tied closed with wool and adorned with bells and a protective green glass eye bead. Alligator paw from Conjured Cardea.

I've been a busy bee in my hive, churning away at new things. One of my favorite folk magic tasks is charm making. Such potent magic in a little package. It will always be one of my favorites, calculating corresponding numbers, shapes, colors, ingredients, textures, materials, it's wonderful. I've got several new charms in the shop and more on the way.

Something new I've decided to do for the shop is create all my oils to order. This means that when you purchase an oil I'll make it fresh just for you. It allows me to create more blends of oils without worrying where to store them all and it provides you with a fresher product. It is certainly more time consuming but I believe it is worth it. This will also carry over to my Waters as well. Powders and incenses are still made in batches.

Iron Nail Protection Charm

Rabbit Luck Charm

Safe Children Charm

Benevolent Banishment Powder

Artemis Sacred Deity Oil

So the shop has reopened and I've got lots of new items plus many new ones on the horizon. I'm always looking for suggestions for new products so let me know if you have any ideas! Check the shop for the rest! Remember, the coupon code "August2012" gets you 15% off! If you want to keep up with my day to day muttering, "like" my Facebook page. In the next few days I'll be hosting a giveaway through my Facebook page, check it out!

Sunday, August 05, 2012


It's taken longer than expected but I think I'm finally ready to come back. It's been a rough three months since the birth of my son, as any new parent can tell you, but he is amazing. I've scaled back my craft considerably, as there hasn't been much time left, and kept it simple such as walks with my boy and little bits of making here and there. A little candle lighting, a few offerings of flowers, but nothing big. This has been such a grand adjustment for our wee family so we are taking it slow. Now that I've got more time, I've got my fingers in lots of little projects.

I'd like to note that my path is further evolving, becoming simpler and more focused. Becoming a mother has made me take inventory on my life and remove the extra needless bits to make room for the most important things. I've come to realize that my path is truly folk magic with a side of deity/animal worship and animism. Lately I've had the urge to tear down and resurrect new altars and form stronger bonds with the entities I work beside.

Important things that have been brewing was my first wholesale order given to a local shop, The Greenman Grove, here in downtown Fredericksburg VA. It's run by a lovely woman named Heather so please stop by and see her!

The shop will reopen August 6th with a few new products. I can also accept Credit cards through the shop now (as of August 15)! Keep a lookout!

As always, subscribe to my Facebook page for updates and coupons! In honor of my return you can use the coupon code "August2012" for 15% off!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Again on changes

As the frost melts on this Imbolc (even though there was no frost since it's been in the high 50's and 60's in Virginia which I'm really really into) it gives me time to pause and reflect. This year has really marked a bevy of changes for me. I reopened my shop after being gone for a while and I lost my job while 5 months pregnant. I drew a very ominous tarot spread at the New Year which spelled disaster and it has certainly come true in many many aspects. At least I saw it coming? So I've been hunkered down in my hut crafting prosperity charms and rubbing oil all over my money like a mad woman and so far the Gods have thrown a few bones my way.

Shop updates? More products. I know I said I'd start straying from the herbal products but I just can't bring myself to do it; I love the ritual of it just too much. I love your custom orders too. I feel spiritually renewed lately. Maybe it's the nice weather? Either way I want it to continue.

On an up personal note I've been healthy through my pregnancy and I've had much more time to work on the shop and personal projects. I've only got about 2 months left and I'm so excited. I can't wait to raise my nature loving wild boy and show him the wonder that is this stunning world we have. Will I raise him to understand and follow Animism like me? Yes. Will I hold him to it when he's older? Not necessarily. I want him to have choices and while my heart will tug a little if he doesn't want to pull tarot with me I'll feel good knowing that he will be brought up with an open mind and open heart.

I've also forced myself to devote more time to writing my children's book and you can see the progress over at Salt Moths. Instead of illustrating the book I'm building all the set pieces and characters in miniature and photographing them. While my story is not overtly witchy they are about animals and the things they do. The main story involves rabbits and salt and the moon. Go look.

I'm excited to see what all these changes bring. What changes have you made this year?


I can't tell you how fun it was finding new molds for my chalks. This new mold system is reusable (my others were use once and done) and allows me to create many new and different chalks for you. They're good to carry with you as well, these chalks are super sturdy. Blessed Imbolc to everyone! I'm itching to start my seeds already considering it's so nice outside.

Alkanet Root Sigil Chalk

Money Drawing Sigil Chalk

Uncrossing Sigil Chalk

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A few new things, a few old things

Just a reminder that my shop is open and running! All orders will receive free charcoal tablets with orders over $15 (before shipping). Here's a few new things and a few old things.

Blue Eye Notebook

Custom Amulet Pouches

The Hare Notebook

Altar Wash

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes.

To say that I've gone through some changes in the last 6 months is a slight understatement. I'm pregnant and will be bringing a little witch into this world in May and Joey and I are over the moon about this. This change has not yet allowed me to return to my previous shop duties but will eventually. I have been steadily working on my book/miniature/doll projects which can be viewed at Salt Moths for those interested. Currently the shop is open with limited stock but I have many ideas to fill it with.

For those of you who've sent little messages of love I have read them all. Thank you for your kindness.

In reflection on the the goals attained this year I did create more and attend and vend at the festivals I wanted to. My path is still evolving and I better understand it now more than ever. I hope this new year, other than bringing change, will also continue to bring some wonderful personal growth.

Many blessings to all of you.