Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mountains

So my annual mountain trip has come and gone. I yearn for those cresting blue giants again. Such beauty only two hours away. I keep begging my husband to move there, I'd never tire of that view. The Earth, Sea, and Sky older than time and bestowing their breathtaking grandness upon my eyes each and every day.

This year's trip was different, marked by the addition of my little boy in all his perfectness. He adores being outside, the movement of trees and all the sounds of nature. He hates to be sticky though and I completely agree. Most of our trip was plagued with warm rainfall and muggy grey skies. The sun came out only when we were leaving and I was able to take these great photos.

One of the most enjoyable moments for me was the long walk I took with my husband and boy. The cabin we stay at is on the river in the town of Elkton, VA. It's such a small little blip on the map, mostly local business, residences, and many many farms. We walked from our cabin by the river up to the main road, passing lots of farms and plenty of things for me to forage and collect. It rained most of our trip, my husband and boy staying dry under the safety of a large golf umbrella, myself dripping and damp from standing in the rain with my Audubon wildflower identification guide.

I managed to find Chicory and Datura, another poison for Hekate. There was a Mullein but there was only one and I didn't want to take all it was so I left it.

Here are the giant Datura plants within the rusty fencing of a field of beans, they were as tall as I. As always, proper petitions and offerings were left to the spirit of the plant. The thorn apples taken from these were the size of walnuts! I plan on offering a limited amount to my customers since this another one of those "hard to come by unless you grow or wild harvest this yourself" plants but in a very limited quantity.