Friday, May 28, 2010

A few works in progress...

Sacred Psychopomp Necklace in Corvus.

Blue Hamsa Pendant

Crossroads Key Pendant in Persephone

Crossroads Key Pendant in Trickster

I had the itch lately to create some jewelry pieces for the shop. I scoured my collections of saved and found items, vintage jewelry and findings, and purchased a few things at antique stores. In addition to the the other items the shop currently carries I've wanted to do a little more art and handcrafted items. I am an artist first and a Witch second so having both these aspects flit about in my brain provides nearly boundless creativity. Nearly.

The piece at the top has been the most time consuming as the Raven skull was carved by me out of salvaged Poplar wood. I searched for a large enough branch of Yew since it would have been more appropriate but the only Yew trees I know of are in graveyards by large public roads. I already look daft stuffing my purse full of small branches and dirt while dumping whiskey on the ground so attempting to lug a large five foot branch out of the cemetery and into the car is pushing the boundaries of the public ignoring me. Someday, someday.

A reminder, I will be on vacation from June 12-19 so the shop will be closed during that time. I will return with bountiful goodies pillaged from the sea and hopefully a not too sunburned rear.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Items at the Shop!

Summer Solstice Incense Blend

War Water to curse your enemies.

Sanctify Cleansing Kit for cleaning and purifying all your tools and your space.

Evil Eye Altar Box to protect your pretty items.

Ancestor Offering Box to hold gifts for your ancestral spirits.

Love and Sex Spell Kit to attract great love and even better romance.

So things on my home front have been a little wacky and as a result I've been working my "real people job" more than expected. This has given me less time to devote to the listing of items but I've got some time today to expel the backlog I've accrued. Don't forget I take custom requests!