Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Astral Rabbit

Follow the Astral Rabbit to the Spirit House.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Moths. Go take a look.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bumbles and Messages

I find that being overly in tune with nature you tend to pay attention to the little things. The way the leaves move, how a passing animal looks at you, weather patterns, planting, blooming, fruiting, harvesting, seeding. Without this consciousness we cannot call ourselves witches.

Many animals live around us in the Thicket. I've gained their favor by holding funerals for their fallen, but more importantly I feed them. I grow flowers for the insects, leave seeds for the birds, and offer fruits and veggies. And sometimes a little bit of our dinner for the bigger critters.

I nearly missed this bumblebee as I went out onto the balcony to replant the strawberries (I've been meaning to for weeks, just haven't gotten around to it) plus clean up and sweep the outside altar. He was sleepy so I moved him from the floor to the iron table outside where he sat, little purple wings glistening in the sun. We have a nest of bumblebees outside my altar room window and they see and hear many of my spells and rituals. I find them rooting around my plants and outside altar. They slam into the windows like little drunkards. And they come to me often. Sometimes as an omen, sometimes to say hello.

Most witches will say that animals come to them to die. For some this is true, even the smallest beast has put themselves in my path to ease them into the Otherworld. Remember the Mockingbird and Squirrel? Also, plenty of insects find their way into my little home. It's our reverence that draws us to them and them to us.

All this being said, do I consider all animals messengers? Yes and no. All animals have connections to the divine. Some do a better job of getting those messages through; birds, insects, rabbits, you know the types. Sometimes I find it easier to work with tactile animal spirit messengers. When I call upon spirits, I'm also calling on animals I've worked with or helped. Who are yours?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

La Catrina

For those curious of the sidebar link to the right, I decided to put my doll projects over there at Spirit House to keep things separate since I have a vast amount of doll related projects and I didn't want it to muddle the good thing we've got goin' here. Go take a look, there's a few things there already and plenty more to come including the doll lovely above.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On Altars

Throughout our home we keep several altars, as every home should. Some are discrete, some are not. I normally keep five in our 1200 square foot apartment but for Samhain I add a sixth. Let's take a tour of a few of them.

First, the Ancestor Altar created on our less than used dining room table. It holds several ancestral items, the book, the owl, and the small German Skull, as well as keys and lanterns to open the door and find the way to this world to visit us. There's also some black, silver, and white Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans on the table, sort of a nod to the Ghede. When it gets closer to the thinning veil I'll add food and flowers to this space. The denim vest hung around the chair is also an ancestral item but it stays year round. The Virtual Boy in the other seat is, well, a Virtual Boy. Heh.

Next we have the House Altar, residing on the kitchen counter, which changes from holiday to holiday. It keeps our house spirit, the little Knight.

He is currently fighting a dragon with his unicorn steed at his side. Joey found him in his store one evening and took him home and since I added him to the House altar we've had no home trouble. Sometimes he fights other things but I think he likes slaying the dragon best.

The Working Altar in my Studio/Altar room. I use this altar for my work and it's where I make most of my products. The top has all sorts of trinkets; found feathers I've had since childhood, squirrel bones, graveyard dirt, candles, etc. The bottom is in homage to the Dark Gods arriving and the Light Gods leaving. The Earth is returning to dormancy. The glass stemware holds natural objects found in the Thicket or close by; Crepe Myrtle bark, Rowan Berries, Yarrow, and a seashell. Also found here is my cauldron, mortar and pestle, several rosaries and crosses (given to me by my amazing Mom. I keep them there because they are filled with her love and protection), and my lanterns. The brass boxes hold charcoal disks and matches.