Saturday, November 08, 2008

Antiquita, dust fae

So here is my new little lady. I was definitely inspired by my Halloween costume since I was cleaning up most of the little white bits of lace and such yesterday. I absolutely adore her little face. I named her Antiquita (an-ti-kwi-tuh) because I imagine her playing in the dust around old books and dusty china. Her hair is yarn that I unraveled in two colors, a dusty pink and a white with iridescent bits in it. To make her hair have so much volume, I glued some polyfill to her head first and then bunched the yarn around it. Her little face is hand painted and I was going for more of a kabuki type look here so she's not so Froud-y.
Her outfit is made of vintage and scrap lace, tulle, and fake flowers. I wanted to incorporate more of a nature feel into this one which is why there are so many layers to her little skirt. I do need to find a less clunky way of doing shoes, though because these look like paper sacks tied to her feet, haha.