Sunday, November 02, 2008

Impish Dolls and shoes.

Hello there. I do hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween/Samhain. My day went well, and the party I attended was a hoot. My costume turned out wonderfully and I received many compliments. I wish I had a full shot of me right now, but I don't. I'm waiting for my friend to post the pictures she took and then I will promptly steal them from her :).

On a side note, here are the before and after of the shoes I wore with my costume. I found them at the thrift store for $6. They're patent leather which is pretty awesome.

The downside is I ended up injuring myself while walking in them. I don't quite remember how but I'm sure these shoes were the culprit. I've had knee problems for about 8 years now so my knees have been aching for the last few weeks due to the change in weather. But this time my knee pain has increased and I now have numbness in my toes on my right foot. So I'm in a good amount of pain. I've been doing a little bit of crafting to help me feel better, so here's some WIP's.

I was inspired by a combination of Brian Froud and the wonderful stuff created by Liselotte Eriksson who is a multi-talented fantasy artist from Sweden. I made an armature with floral wire and covered her body in felt and fabric scraps so she is poseable. Her face is a wooden bead that I painted, and her hair is yarn that I unraveled and glued onto her head. I still need to put wings and shoes on her but I'm excited about the prospect of making more of these. They require such a small amount of materials so I get to use up all the little scraps I have collecting around my work area :) I already have a few ideas for more of these little impish ladies. The cool thing is she is also the perfect size for my miniatures.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh she's lovely, and she definitely shows her "froudism" LOL! Sorry to hear about your poor knee - take good care of yourself!

A.R.Spencer said...

Thank you very much! I plan to stay out of high heels for a while, and do lots and lots of sitting in front of the computer :D

Carolina Gonzalez said...

CCR (Crafty Computer Recovery) is definitely the best therapy LOL!

A.R.Spencer said...

Haha! I agree! :)