Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Oils and clothing rant

Yesterday I decided to strain and bottle one of the oils I had made. It was the "earthy feminine" one and I was head over heels excited. I did end up putting too much clove in it so that scent is the most powerful but it still smells nice and would be great for a winter scent. I don't like to make my oils in too large of a batch since they keep better otherwise. If I sold the oils then maybe, but until then I like the small batches. Also I know I should keep oils in amber bottles, but I ran out! I have to order more but until then this will be fine since I keep my oils in a dark box. The labels are just sticky labels that I write on using my quill pen and ink I've mixed myself. Yes, that is my kooky handwriting :) I always write the given name of the mix and then the contents as a quick reference on the large bottles. On the drams I just give the names. I always record the amounts and ingredients in a separate notebook (which actually right now is a beat to crap composition book so I need a new one) just in case I want to make more later.

As you can see I put my terrarium behind my new bottled oil, which is doing quite well. It has even sprouted a few new mossy sprouts which are too cute for words. I'm quite thrilled.

On another note, I went clothes shopping today which is always a mixed experience. I don't think they make clothes for women who have breasts. Everything is strangely shapeless which on my body would make me look pregnant. I'm no twig, I wear a size 12 pants which to me is what a typical woman's shape is. But even for me I can never find anything that is flattering unless I modify it or take it in or let it out. Personally, I don't feel like paying $25 for a shirt that I'm going to have to take in myself. I've tried shopping at plus-sized stores but everything there is a little big for me. I'm stuck in this clothing size limbo. This is why I usually go to thrift stores and work from that since if you can shop right you can find some swanky stuff at second-hand and thrift stores.

On a different note, I did get some cute new boots today. I stole the picture below from the website of the store I purchased them from. Aren't they cute? They have a wingtip style and they're really comfy. So I guess my shopping today wasn't a total bust :)


KrisMrsBBradley said...

I LOVE the boots!!

Clove is tricky to work with, isn't it? I almost always end up using too much. But I love the smell, so it works out!

A.R.Spencer said...

I love the smell of clove too, but I always underestimate its potency. Such fragrance trapped within such a tiny vessel :)

Roger Yang's Thought Blog said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post