Thursday, November 06, 2008

Witch hazel doll finished

I finished up that doll I was working on. I decided to name her Witch Hazel since I always associate it with little warm creatures like this. I made her wings from some craft wire and tulle and I'm totally doing it differently next time because they were such a pain! I gave her shoes from felt as well. I really want to make more of these and even my mother was excited about them. Like I said before she was made from scrap fabric and lace. Her body is made from floral wire covered in felt. Her face is hand painted and her hair is made from unraveled yarn. Her little pentacle pendant was made using a jewelry closure and some jewelry wire. It was so overcast today I was surprised I could take photos at all. It's been raining the past few days so I had been waiting to go outside and photograph this little lady. I think my favorite part is her head. I love her crazy hair and sly little face, you know she's probably scheming about something by just looking at her :)

I know I made her a pentacle but what I find funny is I rarely wear one myself. I do own several pentacle pendants, a pewter one and a copper one, but I don't really identify with them as much as I suppose other witches do. I respect the symbol greatly and use it when need it, but I don't really like to wear it. I prefer Celtic knots, the Witch's Sign or the elemental Earth symbol or any jewelry with leaves or elegant flowers I find really symbolic to me. I know, it's a little strange, but I follow my feelings and instincts when it comes to symbols.

Other than crafting little fairy friends I'm very excited because I'm signing up for my first craft swap!! I'm too excited about it. It's a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan swap that should be sent out before Yule. I've already started gathering items and poking through my stash to figure out what I have and what I need to get and this is even before I've got my partner assigned to me. Haha, I'm such a sucker for crafting :)

I also can't believe Yule is fast approaching. I would love to make all the gifts I give but not all my friends are so receptive to crafting. But the ones that matter appreciate it I guess. Worse comes to worse if they don't like what I make I can keep it for myself :)

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