Thursday, January 14, 2010

Juniper Smudge added to shop!

So today I added a Juniper Smudge Stick to the shop. When Juniper is carried or burned it helps break hexes, increase psychic power, and guards against ghosts and sickness. It also protects against theft so this is a great herb to keep within your home! I have Juniper readily available to me so I plan on keeping these in stock regularly.

In the past I had used a small bookshelf and small wall shelf as my altar and for years I'd groused about not having adequate space for my ever expanding collections of tools and herbs and various witchy items. I never had the space for something more suited to my needs. Several weeks ago I was poking around the local thrift store and happened upon it. It was perfect. A small peacock colored dresser... for only $10. Its dark knobs called to me, it's perfect amount of storage space and shape. It was beat up and had great character to it. I had to have it.

I cannot account for the weight of the actual piece since I charged the boyfriend with sole responsibility of it's transport, but it fits perfectly in the space provided. I've slowly been unpacking small box after small box and to see everything evolve is wonderful. Before I'd have to sift through at least four or five chests and boxes to find the right items I needed, and now with the procurement of this dresser, everything seems so much easier.

I know, I know, it looks a complete mess and that's because it kinda is. Ask any witch and I'm sure there's a moderate amount of "organized disorganization" to every setup. We installed the shelf above and I use that mainly as effigy space and the top surface of the dresser is working space, where I bind smudge sticks and blend incense etc etc. I think an altar can and should serve both functions, for worship and work.

Once all the artwork and charms are hung it will look more like my old space but until then I'm satisfied with it's state.

Now organizing my herbs are a totally different story....

What inspires your altar?


Jenna Gayle said...

Mine is usually a mess, too! It sits atop my child hood chester drawer my late Great Grandmother gave me, so that definately brings some inspiration. It offers lots of space for tools and herbs as well. The things on top are ever changing with a few constants like the moon and star twig ornaments some awesome girl gave me (wink wink!) I'm in love with the color of your dresser! It does look like a perfect fit for you :) I've been picking up little canisters from second hand shops for my herbs. Everyone's different, but that's what I like about it!

I have that same little mushroom thing, too! ;)

Danni said...

My altar is usually only clean when I first change it to reflect the upcoming season or sabbat, aside from that it's literally perfect chaos. Mine sits atop a smallish desk I've had for 10 years with a small drawer where I store candles, matches, incense and other small things and I have a small wall shelf for effigies.

It's a nice enough setup, aside from having my books and herbs stored elsewhere. I'm definitely coveting your thrifty find.. it's beautifully aged.