Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy witching

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So I've been a very busy witch lately; brewing incense, making oils (Van Van and Red Rose to name a few), and crafting for the shop. I also had my first sale a few days ago which was inspiring for me and while things are slow I have a lot of confidence that it will pick up. I also bagged up some Ostara incense I brewed which will be for sale for the coming Sabbat by this evening. The whole room smells wonderful!

My witchy area is a mess because I've been using lots of my herbs and resins and I have nowhere to store them currently. I found a cabinet at Ikea I really like with glass doors but it's pricey and my car needs new brakes. But while everything is all scattered all over it's making me a little bonkers. It's nice to be able to see everything out but it's still unsettling.

One of the drawers from my altar. It holds a little bit of store stock, a cowrie shell necklace, skeleton keys, rocks, gemstones, coffin nails, and lots of other bits and things!

I've also had Grimoire issues for a while. I've used a composition notebook for the longest time and while that is acceptable it's not what I'm really after. It's messy and disorganized and out of place and many of the things written in it I no longer feel is relevant to my path. Not that I'd like to discount those things but I need something that's representative of me as a Witch now, not as a Witch 5-7 years ago. For years I've used Moleskine sketchbooks to journal and sketch in and I thought it'd be the perfect medium to organize my Grimoire a little better. Anyone who's used them loves them. The page weight is good enough to even paint on. Beat that composition notebook!

What do you use for your Grimoire/Book of Shadows, Witches? (I see lots of lurkers, I want to hear your voices!)


Danni said...

I've been wanting to work on a grimoire as well as my writings are scattered throughout various notebooks and scribbled on slips of paper and day planners.

I finally found a book that I think may be the one I'm going to use, but am letting it sit until after we've made the move. It's a hardcover bound art journal made from recycled paper with some really wild artwork of birds on it.

It suits me and the paper is sturdy enough, I'm just concerned about organisation and running out of space. Ho hum.

A.R.Spencer said...

I worry about the space issue as well but I write small enough and the pages of the Moleskine sketchbook are thick enough to write on both sides of the page. It would take me a long time to run out of space.

As far as organization, I've done it like this: Correspondences and Associations (Astrological, planetary, elemental, and daily and hourly associations as well as tangible associations like "Coffin nails are good for etc etc, Eggshells for fertility work blah blah"), Gods/Goddesses/Deities(What I've found works best for them, herbal associations, or obscure deities needing a place to be compiled), Spells and Recipes are organized according to intention (healing, prosperity, protection, etc), Symbols and runes and such have their own section unless associated with a spell, wherein I inscribe the symbol in both places. I don't even worry about herbal associations because I have a million reference books for that.

The best thing I found is to write an outline. I know it sounds lame but it works for me since I'm frantic about organization like that.

Mrs BC said...

For years I have used a ring binder, as it is great for organisation & also I like to slide different plant material & stuff into plastic sleeves...However I am also in a space at the moment where I feel the material in there isnt representative of who I am today, & want to start something a bit more "great work". I like moleskin books but cant get past the organisational dilemma, so Im thinking of a new ring binder with a moleskin cover (or similar)that I can handcraft, maybe with foldout sleeve sections. I wasnt going to comment as your post was written some time ago, but you called me a Lurker!! lol
Love your blog. x