Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giveaway! And more Grimoire work

Hey Guys and Gals, I'm a sponsor for The Spooky Spring Easter Casket Giveaway over at Bloodbath's blog! You have the chance to win some Spirit Sustenance Incense and some Graveyard Dirt from my shop plus a ton of other cool prizes from some really great Etsy sellers, so hop on over!

I've been working on my Grimoire as often as I can and have done a few small watercolor pieces in it, mostly on pages devoted to deities and I have yet to really put color on anything else. I chose one of my favorite images for the inner front page, sketched it and then used a steel tipped pen and "Black Magic" Higgins ink. It was interesting how the slightly slick Moleskine sketchbook paper took to the watercolor, the color sitting and beading on the surface until it became absorbed by the paper. I have so many Evil Eye/Hamsa pieces of jewelry and trinkets, and with it being the symbol and logo for my shop I thought it was appropriate I emulate it here too. It's probably my favorite occult symbol and when I open a brick and mortar shop I'll be sure to include it there too.

I also sketched out this Hecate picture last night. It being a dark moon and a Wednesday, Hecate was calling. The sketch isn't finished but will be done in watercolor within the following days. I've been looking for a good image of Hecate for my altar and have found very few so I decided to just draw one myself that encompassed as much of her imagery as possible. I plan on adding some Yew branches and maybe her wheel as well. Most Pagans tend to neuter her power and water it down, making her just another crone or moon goddess or whatever. I embrace all aspects of her and wish that others would too, her vast knowledge, her ability to traverse the heavens, earth, and underworld, etc. I guess we all look at our deities differently.

For the shop the next items I plan on working on will be Spell Component Kits, but ones that cater to all levels of Witches. There will be no specific instructions, just themed items. For example: the Hexing kit will include a Bayou Black candle, War Water, Graveyard Dirt, Coffin Nails, and so on. As for myself I really enjoy crafting a spell of my own, not using one straight from a book. Yes, I use some ideas and reference from many books but part of any works of magic is your gut and knowing what works for you. Use it! Use the knowledge you've obtained through all your practices and mold it to your path. Use your deities, your spirits, not someone elses. That's the great thing about being a Witch.

What's your favorite occult symbol?


Danni said...

Your Hecate sketch is just ridiculous. Sketch, pfft. ;) Hecate is one of those goddesses that everyone seems to have known about years before I somehow became aware of her. Which is a bit strange, because I've read so very many classical greek myths that she should have come up at several points. I suppose the books I have and have read may have been less than thorough. In any event, I can't wait to see her colored.

As for your question regarding favorite occult symbols, I don't really have one. I enjoy the hamsa, the cresent moon and spirals, but I don't really find myself repeating or being drawn to anything in particular.

Nydia said...

Awesome sketch, stright to thje point! And your shop is awesome too, loved getting to know it. I created a Hecate felt doll for my Etsy some weeks ago, it was interesting feeling her so well though not knowing her that well before...

My favorite symbols are spirals and pentagrams!

Kisses from Nydia.

Dirgesinger said...

Yes, I am definitely in for the giveaway!:)

Favourite symbol? I don't really have one...maybe the moon... but I know what I definitely do not like, and that is the ankh, because of its meaning. I am dreading the eternal life it symbolizes.

TickleTeckla said...

I love your sketch! Its so beautiful! I am just starting to look into Hecate. She seems to be calling me.

As for my favorite symbol I would have to say the pentagram and the triple moon :D