Friday, November 05, 2010

Dark Half

Our celebrations were quiet and personal this year. We carved our pumpkins and dressed to the nines to visit a very well done and elaborate haunted trail. I trimmed my hair and welcomed the Dark Half of the year modestly and as usual was stricken with a cold. Truth? My gods have been quiet and it's a welcome silence for once. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with spirits buzzing in my ears constantly and they've quieted down now to a dull whisper; much more manageable.

As far as projects go, I'm working mostly on dolls and a few natural dying projects which I will regale you with details shortly. Things for the apothecary have been quiet except for a few commissions but but keep a lookout for a specialty oil or two coming soon. Blessings to everyone.


TickleTeckla said...

OMG I love the Rancid skull in your pumpkin!!!

Danni said...

The jacks and costumes are both awesome. Did you end up just trimming your hair or did you cut it up to your chin, like you were saying you were going to? I'm far too chicken shit to do that myself. ;)

A.R.Spencer said...

@ Teckla-Hehehe, thanks! My man is the resident Rancid fanatic in this house. Anything he can put something Rancid related on, he will.

@ Danni- I TOTALLY chickened out and instead just cut about 3 inches off and put some long layers in it. My hair grows averagely but I'm so impatient and I despise that in between length that hair gets where it's no fun and looks crappy.

Danni said...

That's exactly what I'm thinking I'm going to do. My hair is really fine and gets to be a real pain in the winter since it is constantly being tangled by the wind and matted by hoods and coat collars. It would be easy to chop it off, but I hate when I can't pull it back or do anything with it. ;)