Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow in spring.

It snowed this morning. There are blooms and blossoms and pollen and snowflakes. The Old Woman has one last laugh.

I've been going through some really uninteresting and unspiritual real life job changes so things have been quiet. I went from a flexible schedule to a fixed one and have had to spiritually change some things. Before I worked a job that allowed me to freely speak about who I am and what I do and it was the first job I was able to do that. It was liberating but alienating but I had time for crafting. Now I feel as though I've taken a step backwards in my progress by changing my job to one where I feel as though to expose myself might leave my employment in jeopardy. So I will stay quiet for now.

I've also been having trouble composing words and sentences and my spelling has worsened. My productivity has slowed. It will pick back up as I'm gearing up for the festival.

The winner of my little contest, which I am sorely late in posting, is Unknown Binaries! Please email me at anathemum(at) to collect your prize. A big thanks to those that participated, I loved reading all your words.


Danni said...

There's something more magical about snow in Springtime to me then snow in Wintertime. :)

I hope things fall into place and begin to move more smoothly for you on the job front soon. *hug*

Rin said...

I'm about sick of the snow myself. I want it to warm up. When it gets too cold I just want to snuggle under my blankets and stay there till it gets warm. Not very conducive for creativity.

Love your blog's content!

blessed be~