Sunday, July 03, 2011


Some of the door charms and necklaces that didn't find homes at the festival. Maybe you could take them home?

So while my computer is on the fritz I've had the time to work on some personal and one of a kind projects of mine as well as contemplate the direction of the shop. While I do enjoy crafting supply for the discerning witch I enjoy doing the one of a kind items more so this leaves me with a dilemma.

My current sales venue (Etsy) is flooded with Pagan suppliers so much so that none of us really stand out anymore, with the exception of a few Witches who do things differently and better (You know who I'm talking about). I've decided to no longer expand my botanica and I won't be creating new incenses or oils for the time being in an effort to focus on a more specialized set of products. I will keep my favorite of the botanica products such as my inks, a few incenses and powders but most of my current stock will be discontinued (more than likely this means a sale so keep an eye out!).

With this change I will bring about more of a focused idea with my art and ritual supplies. More charms and ritual jewelry, more block prints and artwork, more embroidered tarot bags, more leather and woodwork, more one of a kind pieces crafted by me. Once my shop reopens, which I hope will be soon, these changes will begin.


Leelahel said...

Change is good, you should embrace it. Over time you will notice fluctuation in product demand... that's just how the world works!

Good luck.

Danni said...

I've missed you over here, how was your birthday? :D

Redirection and change are good things and I'm sure you'll shine even brighter when you return with all new ooak items. I think the herbal thing is just sort of 'in' right now, riding on the heels of the homegrown, organic movements (both of which I support and am in no way knocking). I'm sure like all things, it will cycle itself out eventually.

If you're ever in the mood for another swap once things calm down for you, btw, just let me know. <3

Heather Marie said...

I chased a rabbit to your blog and have enjoyed looking at it very much. Your creations and posts are lovely. I thought after lurking for a while I should leave a friendly comment! Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

A.R.Spencer said...

Samhain Moon- Most certainly and thanks!

Danni- Hey lady! My birthday was pretty great. Joey and I visited Skyline Caverns which was really beautiful. I'd love to do another swap with you. I see you're doing dolls now. Maybe something related?

Muse Maverick- I love it when my lurkers say hello. Thank you for your kind words!

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

I will most certainly miss your magickal oils & incenses ...
Yours were the ones that *did* stand out.

But I know how it is important to listen to the voices inside ourselves. It happened to me 18 months ago and I ended up creating ▲under the pyramids▲ which is reflecting what I am inside & out way more than my previous online adventure.

Looking forward to follow this new path of yours !
x x x

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

I miss you ...