Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been working on....

Stuff! Lots of stuff! Is everyone just as excited for spring as I am? I'm really looking forward to going outside and collecting branches and acorns and twigs and things, and just enjoying the sun. In the picture above are some smudge sticks I threw together after a trip to the store for some fresh herbs. One of them is Sage and Lavender (grown myself) and the other two are Sage and Rosemary. They're almost dry, probably another week or so.

Meanwhile it's still dark and cold out so I suppose I will just sit inside and craft. Heh. I've been working on many things, some personal, some for other people, most of which I can't show you since they are part of my swap over at

These are some natural bobby pins I made the other day. Just kinda got in the mood of it and didn't wanna stop, but I ran out of pins. If I used any more I wouldn't be able to put up my hair. From left to right- star anise, small pine cones, acorns, and a bobbin (I know this isn't natural but I wanted to make it anyway, heh). And the typical action shot below of me wearing the acorn bobby pin. I have long hair and it's sometimes difficult to find stuff to do with it other than keep it down. So making these cute bobby pins was some great motivation to do some fairy-ish messy updo's. Like that glow of my 22" monitor on my face? It's the only way I get a tan :) Haha!

For Christmas my sister gave me this children's wood burner she found in her boyfriend's garage, so I've been practicing with it. I have a GIANT stash of wood pieces from when my mom used to do wood crafting so I only need to buy big things like boxes when I want to do something. The tip of the burner is a chisel tip and kinda clunky but I'm slowly learning to control it. I've been making little charms like the ones above. They're pretty fun and easy to do. I also did one and decorated one of my oil bottles with it.

This is my Sleeping Serpent Oil. Like the tag? I think it's adorable :). It's strung there with some copper wire, teal colored wool yarn with black embroidery floss twisted around it and a few beads. I actually carved out the stars on this one with an exacto blade so it's woodcarving too! Hah! I like how rustic it looks and I'm always thinking of ways to make my stuff prettier. The Sun and Moon charms above are going on some personal bottles of their respective Oils just like the one above. I might do this regularly since making these little wooden charms is easy peasy. And if when I open a shop this would be a cute addition to the bottle.

Here are the Sun(left) and Moon(right) oils doing their thing. I only brew oils in small batches right now because it's only me using them. I use Safflower Oil as my base because it's colorless, odorless, and lots of antioxidants and Vitamin E.

I also bought tons of seed packets because I plan on starting up my herb garden again, but in containers. Also I want to grow a few veggies since stuff like Tomatoes grow easily in containers and they are super yummy. I get most of my herbs at the Global Food market either dried or fresh, grow a couple, and plan on growing more. I really need to expand my stock of herbs but it's hard without buying them online. Might do some personal swaps to get some more herbs, eh? Who knows.

I know this was really just a quick overview of what I've had my paws in and I will be sure to keep you updated. Hope everyone else's crafting is going just as well :)


Anonymous said...

Those smudge sticks are so lovely!

A.R.Spencer said...

Thanks, anonymous! :P