Friday, January 14, 2011

Quiet Notes

Fresh Yew, the Mountain Dream Tarot, frogs, bees, bird bones, coyote skull, and many other things

Today I'm rolling smudge sticks for the shop, listing a few new items, and enjoying the quiet around here. The days are getting longer and I've been thinking lately more about my own personal trance work and otherworld travel.

I was given Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World for Christmas from my family. I've found it concise and extraordinarily helpful. I've always been a dream walker; I see things or travel to see other witches while attempting to sleep. I also rely more on the signs I see from day to day; creatures that cross my path, interesting articles that seem to coincide with other signs, black dogs, found objects, weather patterns, etc. But lately, in an effort to submerge myself deeper within my practice, I've wanted to see what I don't see in my normal waking consciousness, the juicy innards beneath the crumbly crust.

I will document as much as I'm able to here. In the end this mode of communication might not be for me. But we shall see.

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