Sunday, January 23, 2011

Journey Charm

A Gypsy ready for travel...

I hardly ever use prewritten incantations found in books, I prefer to write my own, sometimes just shooting from the hip in situations, or use ancient ones such as the Orphic Hymns. However I wanted to share one I found within a chapter from Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World. What I really love about this book is it a book for all faiths, it doesn't cater to one specific Trance bound spirituality, it caters to all. The beginning of the exercise speaks of preparation for travel and creating personal warding, something I can't advocate enough. Without warding it's as though you left the front door open to your house while you go grocery shopping. In addition to verbal incantations you can wear jewelry, masks, or ritual garb to give added protection.

Among other useful exercises, this incantation known as the "Sith Galdor", as quoted from Anglo Saxon Magic by Godfrid Storms, is taken from an eleventh-century manuscript and used to protect travelers at the beginning of a journey, astral or physical. Sig, the old English word for Victory, is associated with the word Sigil. You can also substitute the word "Gods" for a deity of choice, Hermes is a good one as is Hekate. May you use it for your own journeys, within covens or solitary.

With this sphere I gird me round (turn clockwise tracing circle around self with finger, wand, etc)
By the Gods grace grace may I be bound,
Against sore stitch, against sore bite,
Against all horrors that haunt the night;
'Gainst dread that folk fear everywhere,
And loathly things that here would fare,
Sig-galdor I chant, a sig-rod is my stay,
Word-sig and work-sig ward today.
No nightmare do my spirit harm,
No foe oppress, no fear alarm.
Nor wight nor weather threaten me,
From danger defended I will be.
I bid the good Gods victory give,
Guarded so, safe shall I live.


the hag said...

This was actually the very first charm that I memorized, heh. I modified it slightly to call upon Hekate.

I just recently wrote about the progress I'm making with this book. Like you said, it doesn't center on any one tradition, which I think is wonderful. It really is an awesome book!

Safe journeying ;)

treevoice said...

love this. will definitely look for that book!