Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ink and Paper

The Hare Notebook

I often worry that being witches of a digital age has stifled our written word within ourselves.

For myself I can't really get behind the idea of a typed grimoire that's bound in a plastic binder. Plastic is unreceptive. It makes something that should be so personal so very sterile and clinical. It's not as though writing it by hand within a nicer book is harder, it's perhaps more intensive but this implies that the shortcut is the way to go and my mindset couldn't be farther from the truth. For those who find the binder and typed method suitable I encourage you to try a bound book and written words. The claim is that "if I want to change something it's easy to and I don't have to start a whole new book." Part of our learning as witches involves changes that we should embrace, not hide as though they're shameful. Even the most elite of witches started somewhere small and meager.

I'm a purist when it comes to things like this. Perhaps it's the artist in me. I want to use ink and pen and paper within a bound medium. I want to mix my blood with the ink. Or spit. Or whatever. I want my hand to ache after I've transcribed an incantation. I want that ink to accidentally or otherwise be smudged. I want to feel my words as they appear on the page. To add color with paint and mud and blood. This is why I've created all these inks and little notebooks for you witches. To encourage the recording of our paths in a traditional and tactile manner. I personally use one of my little notebooks for recording my results of tarot sessions.

To help encourage all my witches to put down the keyboard and pick up the pen I've got a little giveaway. I want to see pictures of your grimoires, those of you who are willing to show it. A link to a flickr post or photo host will do. Doesn't necessarily have to be of the whole thing, maybe your favorite page. Got a sketch of a deity? Beautiful, let's see it. Don't have a camera? Post the favorite piece of text from your grimoire instead. Please give credit if the posted text or photo is not your own.

The winner will receive this block printed lined notebook. A Piccadilly by brand, measuring 3½ x 5½ in, 100 lined acid free pages with a stitched binding. A silver cardboard notebook printed with my Sticks and Skulls print in high quality black ink. Fits perfectly within a tarot pouch or pocket and is perfect for all sorts of scribbles and sigils.

I will accept entries through the Vernal Equinox, March 20th. Thanks and happy commenting!


Anonymous said...

I just want to take a moment (to any future witches who might read this) and say that even people who are lacking in creativity can easily make a bound book. Honestly, it's not hard at all. I can testify to this, as I'm not they building type of crafter. I like to create recipes, I like to smell things. I"m not good with making things even, or straight, or symmetrical! But books are forgiving, and I think every witch should make his or her own book at least once.

Here's mine

Oh, and Anathemum, I agree with you completely! My practice is completely computer free. If it's not made by my own hand, I don't really care for it. :)

Anonymous said...


I'm Moonfeiry from Belgium (so excuse my french)

When U was 15, I spent my time to calligraphy texts about Magic. But there are a lot of stupidities (I was young and I believed anithing)

Later, I began to write on the laptop, but I 've abandonned.

And I'm now looking some bound books to write again

Here is mine (the firts book):

See You soon on your blog =)

Danni said...

I have a camera but my current book isn't much to look at. It's all writing, no sketches aside from the occasional doodle of a particular oracle/tarot card and chronicles my divinations, houses spells and charms I've created and houses my reflections on the sabbats and rituals (usually afterwards, so I can mark down what I felt when and what felt like it fizzled). It's a plain sketchbook with a black fabric cover.

I've just pulled a brown craft paper moleskine from my collection of blank books to use as a plant based grimoire and intend to fill it with sketchings, notes and plant clippings. I have no plans for specific organization, just going to sketch and note associations, uses, etc as I stumble across things.

I'd also like to start a third book specifically dedicated to workings with and teachings of animals, as I feel my path pulling me strongly in that direction.

My reasons for using these small individual books rather then one large book right now is that it's so much easier to keep a small sketchbook and some drawing implements in my bag then it would be to lug around a large leather-bound grimoire of everything. In time, I will possibly combine everything, but then again, possibly not.

I hope this rambling made some semblance of sense! I love doing work with my hands and doubt I would feel remotely the same about a typed and printed book bound in plastic as I do about my wee books.

unknownbinaries said...

Long-term lurker, here. Your crafts have been like a challenge for me to try my hand at similar things and to rethink my utter dislike of sewing *g*.

Mine, currently, is also my portable sketchbook, the larger-but-still-pocket-size Moleskine. here, here, and here.

To me, it's appropriate because often my artwork comes from or is my magic. I've tried to keep separate notes, but it feels wrong and everything always bleeds together anyway. Usually that happens in the sketchbook.

I have nothing against computers, or even using them to keep lists, recipes, images in, but they're harder to crack open on the fly, bring to the woods or on the train.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what your saying. I tried the binder thing and it failed. I just ended up having a lot of loose paper flying all over the place.
The theory being that they were things I wanted to try.
But I have 2 bound books - one is for the witchy stuff and the other is a smaller hoodoo book. Sorry I missed your giveaway. But it was a great idea.

Leelahel said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

My blog is just a place to share my discoveries, but all my best secrets are in my grimoire diaries!

I hope I'm not too late.

Anonymous said...

This is so true. People want to make everything easier, but they lose the magic in the process. There is something very powerful about actually writing something down, you have to me in the moment, mindful of each letter.

I think we forget that books were at one time very valuable items, made from hours and hours of labor. When you are recording magical works, you should want to put the effort into it.

You have beautiful pieces... keep sharing them with people!